Reflecţii cu privire la unele expresii folosite în prezent şi în noul Cod de procedură penală

The article aims at outlining certain considerations as to the phrase „identification of persons and objectsunder the new Criminal Procedure Code, which, in articles 132-137 regulates the way of conducting this activity. At the same time, this article provides an analysis both from a forensic perspective and from a criminal law viewpoint of the phrase „presentation for the purpose of identification”, which is employed in the current practice, when the same activity is referred to.


Infracţiunile contra persoanei din perspectiva noului cod penal şi a codului penal în vigoare

The author presents the changes introduced by the new Criminal Code on the matter under consideration in terms of systematic and legal content of various incrimination legal norms, highlighting the positive aspects as well as the debatable ones with regard to formulating de lege ferenda proposals.

Further on, the author makes a comparative study of the incrimination legal norms that have corresponding rules in the criminal law, now in force, a brief examination of the ex novo incriminations, analysis accompanied by several observations and some suggestions (de lege ferenda proposals) to improve the examined texts.