Traficul de persoane, proxenetismul, lipsirea de libertate şi înşelăciunea. Deosebiri

There are many similarities between the human trafficking, stipulated by Law no. 678/2001 and the offences of pimping, depriving of liberty and fraud, stipulated in Penal Code, but there are also differences which cause in this field a lack of uniform judicial praxis.

The mentioned differences  regard the legal object, the material object of crime, the objective part of crime, the subjective part, but also the punishment frame and procedural aspects.


Observaţii critice asupra prevederilor art. 74 din Codul penal

The current study deals with the analysis of the new Article 741 of the Criminal Code, as revised by Law no. 202/2010 and presents the issues relating to its legal nature and negative impact based on an insufficient and incoherent regulation. For the future it is essential that the legislator should offer an accurate solution regarding the applicability of this article.