Accident de circulaţie. Obligaţia solidară

The authors express their reasoned agreement concerning a decision of the court by which an insurance company was jointly and severally liable with the defendant to pay an amount in RON, in compensation for damages caused by the defendant’s offense, even if this was cited as an insurer in criminal proceedings (as unforeseen in the Code of criminal Procedure).


Înţelesul unor termeni sau expresii în noua reglementare penală (I)

The author emphasizes the changes and simplifications made to certain terms and phrases in the new Criminal Code.

It also shows how these changes correspond to the constitutional rules and European law.

According to the author, definitions of terms and phrases from the old penal settlement do not correspond with the new social realities, economic and political product in our country.

Restricting or enlarging the understanding, according to the author, were imposed by the need to give a more precise content to the legal institutions emerging in the Criminal Code, both in the general and in the special part.