Conference “Multidisciplinary Approach in the Field of Preventing and Combating Cybercrime“

Dear Sir/Madam,

Under the auspices of Romanian Association of Criminal Sciences, we would like to inform you that we are organising the conference “Multidisciplinary Approach in the Field of Preventing and Combating Cybercrime“, with the specialists’ support from the national level and from EU Member States.

The conference takes place between 16 – 17 November, 2018 at the hotel in Bucharest (coordinates will be soon provided).

The target group of the activity is: specialised personnel engaged in the fight against cybercrime, students, PhD students.

The aim of the activity is to increase awareness about the latest modus operandi related to cybercrime.

Conference fee is 975 RON and includes ISI Conference Proceedings in CD, conference kit and coffee breaks.The costs for lunch will be borne by the participants.

We invite you to submit your proposals related to the topic of the conference by September 15th, 2018. Proposals should contain an abstract of 200-250 words. Please include your paper title, institutional affiliation, bio-note and contact details.

The articles will be sent, both in Romanian and in English, by 23.09.2018, following the editing instructions, to the following email address: bunpetre56@yahoo.com.

For registration to the conference, please fill in and submit the online form until September 15th, 2018. You will receive a confirmation within a few days of your registration, together with other practical information. If we receive more applications than there is conference capacity, we may have to limit participation.

Bank details for the Conference fee

Asociaţia Română de Ştiinţe Penale

Contul IBAN RO97RNCB0082033600380005, deschis la BCR – Sucursala Unirea din Bucureşti

CUI: 8222533

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,

Professor Petre BUNECI PhD


Instructiuni redactare materiale Conferinta 16-17.11.2018

Paper Title [Arial 14, bold, left alignment, capitalize the first letter]

Author Name1, Author Name2 [Arial, 12-point, bold]

1Author Affiliation (COUNTRY) [11-point, italic]

2Author Affiliation (COUNTRY) [11-point, italic]

E-mails [11-point, italic, separated by comas]

Abstract [Arial, 12-point, bold, left alignment]

This template will assist you in formatting your paper. Please, copy it on your computer and insert the text keeping the format and styles indicated. The various components of your paper (title, abstract, keywords, sections, text, etc.) are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in this document. [Arial, 10-point, justified alignment]

Keywords: Innovation, technology, research projects, etc. [Arial 10-point, justified alignment].

1         Section [Arial, 12-point, bold, left alignment]

There is a limitation of 4/6 pages. All pages size should be A4 (21 x 29,7cm). The top, bottom, right, and left margins should be 2,5 cm. All the text must be in one column and Arial font, including figures and tables, with single-spaced 10-point interline spacing. [Arial, 10 point, normal, justified alignment]

1.1       Subsection [Arial 12, bold italic, left alignment, capitalize the first letter]

The text included in the sections or subsections must begin one line after the section or subsection title. Do not use hard tabs and limit the use of hard returns to one return at the end of a paragraph. Please, do not number manually the sections and subsections; the template will do it automatically.

1.1.1       Sub-subsection: Guidelines for Abbreviations and Acronyms

Define abbreviations and acronyms the first time they are used in the text, even after they have been defined in the abstract. Do not use abbreviations in the title or heads unless they are unavoidable.

1.1.2       Sub-subsection: Guidelines for Figures and Tables

Tables, figures, and graphics should be centred, numbered and accompanied by a legend. Figure captions should be below figures; table heads should appear above tables. Insert figures and tables after they are cited in the text. Use the abbreviation “Fig. 1”, even at the beginning of a sentence.

1.1.3       Sub-subsection: Guidelines for Page numbers and Footnotes

Please, do not add any kind of pagination anywhere in the paper. Avoid using headers and use footnotes [Arial, 8 point] only within the page margins (2,5 cm of white margins).

1.1.4       Sub-subsection: Guidelines for References

The list of the references should be given at the end of the paper. References are numbered in brackets by order of appearance in the document (e.g. [1], [2], [3]). The same reference can be cited more than once in the text with the same reference number.

2         Section

Use as many sections and subsections as you need (e.g. Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, etc.) and end the paper with the list of references.

REFERENCES [Arial, 12-point, bold, left alignment]

[1]          Reference [Arial, 10-point, left alignment, upper and lower case]

[2]          Einstein, A. (1916). General Theory of Relativity. Annalen der Physik 49(7), pp. 769-822.


Formular înscriere Conferinta 16-17.11.2018

CONFERENCE “Multidisciplinary Approach in the Field of Preventing and Combating Cybercrime“

16-17 November 2018


Participants’ information

Family name___________________________________________

Title: _________ (Prof. /Dr./Other) Mr./Ms./Mrs. ______________

First name _____________________________________________



Postal/Zip code:_______________________ City______________

Telephone ______________________________________________

Fax______________________ E-mail________________________

Admission Fee (975 RON)

It includes ISI Conference Proceedings in CD, conference kit and coffee breaks.

Lunch on my own _____YES/____NO


Date _________/___________/_________

Signature __________________________